Belski’s Blog – Hurricane Michael had hot towers

Updated Wednesday evening, October 10…….

During the hurricane coverage today there was mention made of the “hot towers” near the center of the storm. Many people have never heard of this before.


As water vapor condenses into liquid it releases latent heat. If this process is strong enough, these hot updrafts can cause thunderstorms along the eye wall to rise to very high levels.

A hot tower hurricane is at least twice as likely to keep intensifying as one without a hot tower. Multiple hot towers are a sign of a strong and getting stronger storm.

This pic from Hurricane Bonnie in 2009 from NASA shows a single hot tower that developed. Notice how much taller the storm was compared with the other storms in the eye wall.


The tallest storm is known as a hot tower

Michael developed multiple hot towers and at one point it seemed kind of out of control. There was lightning completely around the eye.
The Hurricane Hunter aircraft was unable to fly through the storm at that time because of the dangerous updrafts. It was crazy and Michael kept getting stronger and stronger all the way to 155 mph winds at the peak. It was a unique, dangerous and scary situation.


Here is a detailed article about the formation of hot towers… HERE


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